Worried No More: CBT for Anxiety in Children & Teens, Streamable Workshop for Clinicians

Worried No More: CBT for Anxiety in Children & Teens, Streamable Workshop for Clinicians

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*This workshop is open only for licensed mental health and allied healthcare professionals. To register, please see information below. 

Learn from the expert! Dr. Aureen Pinto Wagner is a sought-after international speaker who has been training clinicians to treat anxiety and OCD for over 25 years. She shares her wealth of experience to help you enhance your effectiveness and success in helping children and teens conquer anxiety. 

Comments from participants at Dr. Wagner’s workshops for clinicians:

  • Dr. Wagner was extremely articulate and organized. Her materials were excellent.
  • Best workshop I have attended in my 27 years as a mental health clinician!
  • I loved the quality and pace: A lot of information, very interesting, well-organized.
  • I love the Worry Hill metaphor and the whole treatment approach.
  • Excellent presenter. I learned how to develop specific hierarchies for anxiety
  • So comprehensive. She covered many topics, I now have a good handle on treating many different forms of anxiety.

Streamable Workshop: Available to you for unlimited viewing for 14 days after purchase (please see Terms and Conditions below). Listen and learn at your own pace from the comfort of your office or home. View Powerpoint slides as Dr. Wagner speaks; pause, rewind, or replay as you choose.  Use the detailed handout to follow along or take notes, and save it as an ongoing resource.

Approximate run time: 4.5 hours (divided into 5 parts). 

Workshop Description

Anxiety is the most common mental health problem in children, teens, and adults, affecting an estimated 25% of the population. Anxious children and teens may experience serious social, behavioral, and learning problems. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can help as many as 80% of these children successfully overcome anxiety. However, it is estimated that the majority of anxious children do not receive CBT, partly due to a significant shortage of clinicians with expertise in CBT. Clinicians often find it difficult to access in-depth clinical training in CBT for children and teens.

Dr. Wagner will begin with a solid framework for understanding anxiety disorders and comorbid conditions, as well as the theoretical foundations of exposure-based CBT.  You will recognize red flags for anxiety and understand what fuels anxiety, especially the Anxiety Triad and Vicious Cycle of Escape. 

In this workshop, Dr. Wagner blends highly effective strategies with clinical pearls gleaned from years of first-hand experience. She developed the innovative and child-friendly Worry Hill® CBT approach that is designed to optimize motivation in children and teens with anxiety. She will share practical, ready-to-use tools and CBT techniques for separation anxiety and school refusal, generalized anxiety, emetophobia, social anxiety, perfectionism, specific phobias, panic, and sleep problems. Dr. Wagner will discuss strategies for building treatment-readiness, collaborating with parents, working with reluctant children, relapse prevention, and challenges in treatment.

Topics include:

Part 1                        

  • Normal fears across the lifespan
  • How children and teens express anxiety
  • What’s normal, what’s not?
  • The clinical picture of anxiety in children and teens
  • Red flags for anxiety
  • Anxiety and school refusal
  • Effects of childhood anxiety
  • Anxiety and related conditions

Part 2                                 

  • Risk factors for anxiety
  • The fuel for anxiety: The Anxiety Triad and the Vicious Cycle of Escape
  • CBT: Evidence and techniques
  • Emotional Processing Theory and Inhibitory Learning Theory
  • Challenges in engaging children and teens
  • Therapist hesitations about exposure

Part 3                                

  • Up and Down the Worry Hill:  Child-Friendly CBT
  • Treatment Readiness and four steps to cultivate readiness
  • Bring down your Feeling Temperature
  • Five questions to bring down your Feeling Temperature

Part 4                                               

  • Collaborating with parents; cultivating readiness
  • Focus areas for parents
  • Realistic expectations: Reduce dropout
  • Parenting: Framework and strategies
  • Raising brave children and teens
  • What not to do; reducing accommodations         
  • Managing meltdowns

Part 5                                                                        

  • CBT for: separation anxiety/school refusal, generalized anxiety, emetophobia, social anxiety, specific phobias, panic, sleep issues
  • Dismantling treatment reluctance
  • When treatment is “not working”
  • The therapist’s toolbox
  • The art of CBT             


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